Why Ergonomic Lifters

Lower back injuries are the most frequent occurring workplace disorder. These painful injuries have an impact on your company as well as your employee's lives. The average back injury costs about $9,000 and if surgery is required, it can cost over $100,000.

BackTech is dedicated to providing the most advanced devices for the prevention of back injuries. Our bio-mechanically designed lifters have been fully engineered in Sweden and have been sold in European and US markets for 15 years.

The Need for Ergonomic Lifters

  • OSHA Regulations for Lifting
  • To Increase Productivity
  • Lower Workmen's Compensation Insurance Fee
  • More Women In The Work Force
    (Women's Shoulder muscles are approximately 50% weaker than men)
  • Prevent industrial Accidents, which cause absenteeism and lost production
Medical Expenses for employees harmed on job


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