Features and Benefits



Various lifting heights
Various end effectors
Base – alternative widths
Legs – standard & low built

Various Models

Can be easily assembled and disassembled. Reduce freight charges?
Parts can be changed to meet new requirements

Aluminum and

Stainless steel

This combination gives a light and strong construction. Good resistance to chemical and mechanical damage

Freewheel hub in column side

Load deck stops automatically in download movement if it encounters any obstacle. No downward clamping force. Cannot tip backwards from lowering the load deck

Lifting heights with stroke up to 2375 mm and telescopically up to 4535m.

Can be adopted to the existing heights and headroom

Width variable from 410mm to 1400mm.

Slim and handy. Wide and stable

Different lengths at legs


Slim and handy
Long and stable
To fit end-effectors

Various types of load deck material

To suit the goods being handled

Operating handle adjustment

To suit users of any height

Rear wheel with central brake and direction catch

Lift stands steady during loading and off loading and runs straight during longer moves.

Detachable steering control

Lifter can be steered from all sides

Battery operation with separate recharger

Can be used independently of main power

3 stage battery charger

The batteries cannot be overcharged

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