Industries Using Lifting Devices

Packing & Printing

Perfect for the Packing & Printing Industry

This easy squeeze lifter lifts and turns with effortlessness motion, increases productivity and eases the workload. It has important safety features and is simple to use.

Squeeze Turn with Swivelling arms

Scale in 4 Wheels

Health & Pharmaceutical

Available with Scales!

Often used in the health and pharmaceutical industry, this lifter includes a scale for weighing components and cargo. It offers a sturdy safe way to move heavy objects.

Food Process

We Have the Roll Handling Solutions for You!

No more dangerous lifting or potential accidents with the precision and ease of a roll handling lifter from BackTech. It Safely lifts large spherical or smoothed objects and manipulates them with ease.

Rotating V Block plate for Lifting

Lift Plastic Box

Snack & Candy

Fewer Injuries on the Job

Safety is just one of the many benefits proven with the use of a BackTech lifting device. This device shown here has a roller on the front of the platform for easy loading and unloading. It safely secures containers as it tips and pours with manual tipping function and can reach much higher then the capabilities of the human arm.

Lift Plastic Box

Industrial Kitchens

Speed Up the Workload in Industrial Kitchens

These lifters are perfect for gaining accessibility to items without constant bending and lifting. Objects placed in a low or high locations are accessible and lifter doubles as portable workstation.

Industrial Kitchen

Squeeze Turn Klippt with Swivelling arms and electrical turning tool or manual turning tool


Increase Employee Efficiency Safety & Labor Speed with a BackTech Lifter

Using a squeeze lifter for cylinder drums and barrels decreases chance of spill or injury in chemical handling environments. Units can come with manual or electronic turning tools.

Hospital & Pharmacy

Crate Lifters are Ideal for Hospitals & Pharmacies

Use a BackTech lifter for every day lifting to speed up the work process and reduce risk of back injury. Easy enough for anyone to use a BackTech lifter is operated with simplicity and speed. Its multifunction capabilities allows the user to lift multiple objects safely.


Lifter with Adjustable forks

mobile work stations

High Tech & Electronic

Safety First!

A mobile work station is
ideal in high tech work environments. Its does the work for you, reaching high or low to prevent strain and injury. Wheels are available with anti-static rubber and polyurethane heavy duty rubber.


Never Throw Your Back Out Again as You Lift Even the Most Awkward Objects

Now the heavy task of replacing and removing wheels can be done with ease and precision. This lifter has a built in brake for stability and can move smoothly from one room to another with effortlessness.


BT 120 Lift electric with Adjustable forks

Lift Solution with Rollers platforms

Post Office

BackTech Lifters Offer a Choice of Lifts with Different Heights & Lifting Capabilities

Our lifters have multiple uses for daily tasks. They alleviate and lighten the workload in any work environment.


Increase Efficiency & Profitability by Using a BackTech Lifter in Warehouse Environment

These lifters are great for both transporting objects from one area to another or as mobile work stations in assembly lines. Built in brakes insure safety and stability while working off the lifter platform.

Ruflack Lifter with Rollers platforms
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